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Your source for gold and silver mines for sale in North America

Gold and Silver Mines for Sale

Mining today is experiencing a “Gold Rush” unprecedented to date! In the current economic environment, there is a revival in the mining sector for commodities to support the growing populace and technologies. Since this new revival of the oldest industry known to man, we see limited resources, tools, and information available in the market to inform and exchange assets.

We live in a world where dynamic change has become a routine part of our daily lives. For example, the effects of changing government policies, shifting political alliances, mounting internal and external social pressures, and failed economic policies have a impact to the economic health of our country and that of the world. In the end, it is the responsibility of each of us, individually, to be prepared for change, recognize change when it happens, and take the steps necessary to adapt to change when it occurs. Owning a gold mine can be the ultimate defense strategy in these troubled times.

The value of the U. S. dollar continues to fall as world economic conditions deteriorate. Investors know that gold prices are on the rise and will continue to climb as world seeks to define the new stability

As an investment opportunity, there may not be a better time to capitalize on today’s new “Gold Rush.”

• Hard Rock
• Placer

There are several ways to invest in mining opportunities:
• Purchase
• JV
• Partnership
• LOAN (secured or unsecured)
• Purchase metals at discount for future delivery

For many years the Gold and Silver mines have not been in production due to metal prices and cost of mining not resulting in a net profit. Today, these factors have changed and many mothballed mines are now being open and are open for investment, sale, or production.

The current market provides access to known resources that have been on hold until such an economic and profitable correlation. The Major companies are going after the largest and most profitable opportunities first as you would expect. The smaller 200,000 to 500,000 ounce gold opportunities have not been pursued by the majors yet and remain open in the market for the right investors and groups. This similar reality was experienced in the domestic oil production when prices began to soar. can help you buy or sell gold mining properties locally or worldwide. Find everything from developed and past producing mines to gold and mineral mining prospects for exploration and development. Placer miners can also find their own affordable placer gold mining claims.

Minetrade is committed to bringing mining properties for sale, or investment to another level of modern exchange where the efficiencies and opportunities can be mutually beneficial to both current mine principals and to future mine principals.

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